Jessica Reinvented

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second post in my Guide To Staying Organized! The first one went over very well (you can find it here) so I’m very excited about this next one! 

Lesson #2: Bulletin Boards

If you’re like me, you hold onto various mementos from the past - and then have nowhere to put them. Mine usually gather in a drawer somewhere, and just create clutter. Well today we are going to make ourselves a place to put them! That’s right, we are going to make our very own bulletin boards. 

1. Gather your supplies! In the first image you can see I have a cute little tin filled with binder clips, paper clips, rubber bands, and push pins. I got this at Walgreen’s for seventy cents! Next I have the things I would like to put on my bulletin board, a bead necklace, and white spray paint. Most importantly I have a bulletin board I bought from Target for about $7. You can find it here!

2. Spray paint the frame and add the beads! The furniture and trim in my room are all white, and I wanted my bulletin board to match that. If you like the appearance of the wood, this part is completely optional! I just went out in the garage, and gave my board two coats of spray paint. After letting it fully dry, cut your strand of beads in half, and using the glue gun secure the beads to the top and bottom edges of the board. You can also chose to add beads to the sides, or to the whole border!

3. Decorate your board! Here comes the fun part. Using the push pins, you can add whatever you want to the bulletin board! I chose to add the calendar we made here, some pictures, ticket stubs, a cute comic, and an inspirational poster. You could also make this a themed board for just about any occasion! 

I’m very excited about my bulletin board, and it has a permanent spot in my room from now on. If any of you make this, I would love to see it! Tag your bulletin boards #jessicareinvented and #gtso and I will make sure to reblog it to share with everyone! Good luck and have fun!

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